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Storage Wars
Season 9
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Apr 05, 2016
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Watch Storage Wars season 9 episode 15 (S09E15)

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An auction in Van Nuys, CA brings the buyers together for one more chance at finding hidden treasure. Jarrod and Brandi are looking for an easy ride and come unprepared for a marathon auction. Without the help of Brandon, Darrell must face the competition all by himself. Ivy looks to buy big and often, meanwhile Mary tries to stake her claim as a serious buyer.

Watch Storage Wars season 9 episode 14 (S09E14)

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The buyers return to Montebello, Cal. where Darrell and Brandon cause chaos; Rene brings along with father; Dave eyes a big score; and Ivy battles injury to hit the auctions hard.

Watch Storage Wars season 9 episode 13 (S09E13)

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The buyers visit a night auction in Huntington Beach, Cal. where Ivy and Mary compete with each other; Darrell and Brandon look to score big on home turf; and Dave searches for either a score or a sucker.

Watch Storage Wars season 9 episode 12 (S09E12)

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The buyers visit North Hollywood where Jarrod and Brandi fight to resist the lure of showbiz items; Mary and a new friend get targeted; and Rene goes solo.

Watch Storage Wars season 9 episode 11 (S09E11)

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The buyers visit Palm Springs, Cal. where Dave is desperate to score a great locker after missing out on one; Rene tries to get some inside information; Ivy is forced to buy big; and Mary gets help from an unlikely ally.

Watch Storage Wars season 9 episode 10 (S09E10)

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Lockers in El Monte, CA have been known to hold some great finds and this auction is no different. Brandi decides to let Jarrod loose with their money, but Mary steps up with her new boyfriend to get the most expensive locker of the day. Rene spends the least looking for a collector's unit, but he may come out of the gate with the best score.

Watch Storage Wars season 9 episode 9 (S09E09)

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the buyers head up to Lancaster, CA where Ivy is forced to defend his turf or score big with a home field advantage. Rene makes the long drive to prove a point, meanwhile Dave has nothing to prove coming off a long winning streak. Mary comes up big hitting a great locker and cleaning the competition.

Watch Storage Wars season 9 episode 8 (S09E08)

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The upper class area of Arcadia, CA promises solid auctions for the buyers. Darrell and Brandon come out swinging, but get caught trying to pull some shenanigans. Rene brings his father Gunter to help hunt for collectibles and Ivy takes a gamble for something out of the ordinary.

Watch Storage Wars season 9 episode 7 (S09E07)

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Santa Ana, CA hosts auctions that bring out all the buyers in full force. Jarrod and Brandi's plans go awry when Dave shows up looking to cause some trouble. Mary is hoping to break a long losing streak and Rene enlists a little help to get through a massive score.

Watch Storage Wars season 9 episode 6 (S09E06)

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The hunt for lockers continues at Riverside, CA. Jarrod and Brandi try to teach a hard lesson to Bozek, but the price of education may be to high for them. Ivy tries to hit it big with a low paying locker while Darrell and Brandon limp into a locker that may leave them all wet.

Watch Storage Wars season 9 episode 5 (S09E05)

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The buyers head to Moreno Valley and descend upon auctions at a facility that has been known for great scores. Mary hopes to follow the others to a solid locker, but Dave is intent on a score of his own or making the others pay heavily for theirs. Both Ivy and Rene get massive lockers packed with goods, but only one will have a massive pay day.

Watch Storage Wars season 9 episode 4 (S09E04)

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An auction challenges the buyers to find a score in a tower of lockers in downtown Los Angeles. Darrell and Brandon are determined to get more merchandise for their 24/7 store, but have to face Dave to get a unit. Ivy is looking for a unit stacked with tools and Mary is forced to take on the heavy hitters.

Watch Storage Wars season 9 episode 3 (S09E03)

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Auctions in Westminster, CA bring top dollar, with units selling in the thousands. Jarrod and Brandi to strike quick and easy, but the high prices have them taking risks that are no bargain. Ivy goes on a buying spree, but how much will it cost him? Meanwhile, Rene can't help but go cowabunga over a collector's unit.

Watch Storage Wars season 9 episode 2 (S09E02)

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The desert country of Mojave, CA hosts a rough auction where the buyers have to dig deep to find value. Dave hits the action hard despite his dislike of the area. Mary struggles through a locker hoping it will not land in the toilet. Rene battles for treasure and Ivy on the hunt for fun off-road finds.

Watch Storage Wars season 9 episode 1 (S09E01)

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The buyers head to San Diego in hopes of finding some south of the border treasure. Rene and Casey step up to defend their home turf against Darrell and Brandon. Mary hopes to score with a high end household unit and Ivy enlists help and brings two extra Calvins to the auctions.

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