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Maya DiMeo is a mom on a mission who will do anything for her husband, Jimmy, and kids Ray, Dylan, and JJ, her eldest son with special needs. As Maya fights injustices both real and imagined, the family works to make a new home for themselves and searches for just the right person to give JJ his “voice.”

Show Keywords: family, disabled, special needs

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Watch Speechless season 2 episode 13 (S02E13)

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After a dust-up with Lafayette High, Maya runs to JJ’s rescue and launches her own school out of the DiMeo home. Her program becomes a true DiMeo affair when Ray and Dylan enroll and Jimmy joins the faculty. Meanwhile, Kenneth sets out to prove to his ex-wife that he’s living a successful life.

Watch Speechless season 2 episode 12 (S02E12)

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Maya and Jimmy get pulled into a school fundraiser where Maya makes a new friend and Jimmy discovers the benefits of being tall. Ray, tired of being the responsible sibling, explores his reckless side with JJ and Dylan; and Kenneth tries to win over a crowd with his DJ skills.

Watch Speechless season 2 episode 11 (S02E11)

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Jimmy convinces Maya to go on a much-needed night out together where they drink through Maya’s urge to rush home to the kids. Back at the house, Ray and Kenneth avoid being alone with their dates, while JJ, sidelined by a broken wheelchair, ends up getting more excitement than he expected. Meanwhile, Dylan spends her night trying to win the affection of the new family dog.

Watch Speechless season 2 episode 10 (S02E10)

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After leveraging JJ in an attempt to land a family dog, Dylan takes a vow of silence to better understand what it is to be her brother. Ray brokers a meeting between his girlfriend’s mother, Melanie, and Maya, only to realize they have a history. Jimmy drives Kenneth crazy by gaming a supermarket giveaway to score free Christmas turkeys.

Watch Speechless season 2 episode 9 (S02E09)

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Two tickets to the premiere of “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” promise a glorious night for JJ and Ray … until JJ’s pulled to the dark side by a pretty classmate who hopes to take Ray’s ticket. Back at home, Maya, Jimmy and Dylan enjoy a rare night at home without the boys. Meanwhile, Kenneth’s secret after-hours hangout at Lafayette is compromised when Dr. Miller discovers his late-night escapades.

Watch Speechless season 2 episode 8 (S02E08)

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JJ convinces his parents to take him on a college visit but hides an ulterior motive. As his plan unravels, JJ enlists the help of new friend Tyson, an actor who gives the performance of his life to keep JJ out of hot water. Meanwhile, Ray goes wild when he’s left home alone for the first time.

Watch Speechless season 2 episode 7 (S02E07)

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The family works to impress Maya's mother, who is visiting for Thanksgiving; Jimmy deals with getting older; Kenneth dreads spending the holiday with his overbearing father.

Watch Speechless season 2 episode 6 (S02E06)

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JJ’s pressured to date a new student at school who also has cerebral palsy. Maya and Jimmy teach Ray and his girlfriend to think less. Dylan teams with Lafayette alumni to rebel against the school’s “no-prank” initiative.

Watch Speechless season 2 episode 5 (S02E05)

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The DiMeo kids mistakenly eat old Halloween candy that causes feverish dreams of horror and wish fulfillment, and Kenneth agonizes over which era of Michael Jackson to dress as for Halloween.

Watch Speechless season 2 episode 4 (S02E04)

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Jimmy takes JJ camping to give him “the talk,” Maya trains a ragtag group of new aides, and sparks fly between Dylan and Ray’s bully.

Watch Speechless season 2 episode 3 (S02E03)

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Ray gets in over his head when he makes up a fake charity to impress his girlfriend; Maya gives Jimmy tips on being the boss; and Dylan demands Kenneth get out of her space.

Watch Speechless season 2 episode 2 (S02E02)

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When Maya encourages the parents of the new special needs kids at Lafayette High to demand full-time aides, the school administrators tell her anything the new students get will spell losses for her beloved JJ. Meanwhile, Dylan develops a hooky habit, unprepared as she is to return to the same school for a second year; JJ pushes Kenneth toward romance with his teacher; and Jimmy endeavors to enjoy a long-awaited uninterrupted shower.

Watch Speechless season 2 episode 1 (S02E01)

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While JJ was at summer camp, Maya decided it’s time the family no longer use JJ’s disability as an excuse to let their lives fall through the cracks. Maya, Jimmy and Dylan make dramatic changes, but a smug Ray decides he will spend the summer watching his family likely failing at their attempts. When JJ comes home, Kenneth finds a love note in JJ’s luggage from Alexa, a girl he met at camp, who wants to give JJ his first kiss. The family chucks their self-improvement projects and hits the road to find Alexa.

Watch Speechless season 1 episode 23 (S01E23)

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As the family readies for their flight to JJ’s camp, Maya gets a surprise at the airport. Ray sees the summer as an opportunity to reinvent himself while Jimmy and Dylan turn the trip to camp into a father/daughter bonding moment.

Watch Speechless season 1 episode 22 (S01E22)

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With the school year over, Maya is excited to spend the summer with JJ, but he and Kenneth have other plans. Meanwhile, Jimmy gets special treatment at the most unlikely of places while Dylan’s identity in the family is threatened.

Watch Speechless season 1 episode 21 (S01E21)

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It’s prom night, and all three DiMeo kids are going, which leaves Maya and Jimmy with a rare night to themselves. Kenneth is shocked to learn that they like to spend their nights without the kids to bring up past arguments they have bottled up or ignored in the past.

Watch Speechless season 1 episode 20 (S01E20)

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When Maya learns JJ attempted to run away, she is determined to help him complete the task as any able-bodied person could, but her actions exasperate JJ, as he longs for independence. Meanwhile, Jimmy struggles to have hard talks with the kids without Maya, and Dylan tries to get Kenneth to revive his glory days as a high school sports star.

Watch Speechless season 1 episode 19 (S01E19)

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Maya and Kenneth work together to hold JJ accountable for his academic future when he cheats on an exam at school. Meanwhile, Ray gets into a get-rich scheme.

Watch Speechless season 1 episode 18 (S01E18)

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After leaving a note behind Maya’s back, Ray takes sides against the family when Maya dings a nearby car. Following through on a promise, Jimmy and Dylan share a moment, as father and daughter are on a search in the back room at the local supermarket while JJ teaches a rude customer a lesson, and a moonlighting Kenneth hides his side job from the DiMeos.

Watch Speechless season 1 episode 17 (S01E17)

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Dylan asks Maya not to have their annual birthday party for her, but Maya holds an amazing surprise party anyway and soon learns the real reason why Dylan didn't want to have a party. Elsewhere, Ray is put in charge to watch JJ but panics when his brother has a day of independence at the mall to buy Dylan a birthday present while Jimmy and Kenneth struggle to find something they have in common.

Watch Speechless season 1 episode 16 (S01E16)

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When the Dimeos throw their annual Oscar party with other special-needs families, Maya feels threatened by new mom Becca, who seems a little too perfect. Meanwhile, Jimmy encourages the fathers at the party to let loose while Ray tries to impress a girl by pretending to be someone he is not.

Watch Speechless season 1 episode 15 (S01E15)

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JJ gets into an argument with Kenneth over their time together while Dylan decides she must “parent-trap” them both so they can get back together. Meanwhile, the family gets a chance to be members of a country club for a week. Ray sees it as a chance to live the high life while Maya jumps at the chance to spend mother-and-son time

Watch Speechless season 1 episode 14 (S01E14)

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Maya attempts to give Jimmy a Valentine's Day gift, with the help of his old roommate and her ex-fiance. Meanwhile, Ray is elated to find out he has a secret admirer and JJ i in charge of distributing candy-grams, which proves challenging for both him and Kenneth.

Watch Speechless season 1 episode 13 (S01E13)

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Dylan becomes Kenneth’s replacement for JJ when Kenneth also gets sick. Jimmy ends up doing well with Maya’s normal duties, but he tries to keep it from her to avoid her feeling bad. Meanwhile, JJ protects Dylan from a boy she’s interested in. And despite its illness, the family bands together and pulls an all-nighter to finish Ray’s school project.

Watch Speechless season 1 episode 12 (S01E12)

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In order to get on the good side of their insurance agent to get everything JJ needs, the DiMeos have Dylan make a tough sacrifice at her track meet. Meanwhile, Ray wants to use his brother for inspiration while writing for an essay contest at school, but JJ rejects his plan. But when another student lies using the same plan, Ray and JJ team together to outdo the other student.

Watch Speechless season 1 episode 11 (S01E11)

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The family goes on an annual impromptu family road trip, but Ray has something in store, which angers Maya when she finds out what it is. But Maya’s relentlessness proves to be helpful when she takes control of an emergency situation involving Ray’s appendix. Meanwhile, Jimmy attempts to continue his tradition of spending no money on vacation while Dylan becomes anxious after visiting a fortune teller. Back at home, Kenneth has trouble fitting in at school while JJ is away.

Watch Speechless season 1 episode 10 (S01E10)

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It’s Christmas time at the DiMeos, and Maya surprises everyone by embracing a newfound holiday spirit. But her view is put to the test when the family van is stolen, along with all their holiday gifts. Worrying he won’t get into college, Ray joins the choir and gets a coveted solo. But when a very attractive new teacher is hired, JJ decides to join his brother and takes Ray’s solo.

Watch Speechless season 1 episode 9 (S01E09)

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JJ instantly wants to join a sled hockey team made up entirely of people with disabilities, but Jimmy is not thrilled and thinks it’s dangerous. Meanwhile, Maya takes a CPR class with Kenneth, and she sees how popular he is and realizes that she needs to be nicer in order to keep him as JJ’s aide.

Watch Speechless season 1 episode 8 (S01E08)

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Maya enlists the family to assist JJ in romancing a girl at school, but it backfires when JJ expresses his feelings to Claire, and they are not reciprocated. Meanwhile, as the DiMeos are always late, Ray has the family practice to get to school in time for his upcoming weekend field trip.

Watch Speechless season 1 episode 7 (S01E07)

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The DiMeo plan to avoid another horrible Thanksgiving with Jimmy’s brother’s family backfires when they invite themselves over to celebrate. While Kenneth and Ray destroy the turkey, the rest of the family creates a game, checking off the various instances of annoyance their relatives are known for. When Jimmy and his brother Billy decide to take their competition to the streets, the family discovers that Billy’s family is not as perfect as it seems.

Watch Speechless season 1 episode 6 (S01E06)

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JJ meets a new girl at school, an injured gymnast, who must learn to adapt to school life in a wheelchair. JJ shows her the ropes and soon forms a crush. Elsewhere, Ray saves face by claiming a picture of his own nipple on his phone to be a ”sext” from his ”girlfriend.” The plan makes him a hero among the boys at school, but backfires after Maya learns the whole story. Meanwhile, Jimmy teaches Dylan how to properly deal with stress.

Watch Speechless season 1 episode 5 (S01E05)

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Jimmy is upset the kids no longer want to participate in the family tradition of dressing up for Halloween. Maya tries to cheer up Jimmy by allowing him to do things he loves by taking things off the family “Dead to Me” list. Meanwhile, Ray recruits Dylan to help work the school’s haunted mansion while Kenneth is scared of losing his job when JJ gets drunk at a party. Even though Maya is furious, she is thrilled to see JJ having a “normal” life.

Watch Speechless season 1 episode 4 (S01E04)

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Exploring the city on their own, JJ and Kenneth realize strangers look at them as inspirational. The two push their luck, receiving free food and baseball game admissions. Kenneth lets this get to his head, goes overboard, and things fall apart. Meanwhile, as the family can’t do anything without having to worry about wheelchair accessibility, Dylan and Ray convince Maya to take them paintballing. But can she let herself have fun without JJ?

Watch Speechless season 1 episode 3 (S01E03)

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While JJ finds success at school with a group of friends, Maya forces the cancellation of the homecoming bonfire, concerned that the beach location is not wheelchair accessible. Soon, the students speak out against JJ. But when Maya realizes she was wrong, the two stage a fake prank to encourage his classmates to have a change of heart. Meanwhile, Jimmy helps Ray settle into the new home.

Watch Speechless season 1 episode 2 (S01E02)

Watch Now

Maya struggles as Kenneth takes over as JJ’s full-time aide. Loving his new freedom, JJ avoids attending a physical therapy appointment, and Maya automatically blames Kenneth, using any excuse to confirm her misgivings and moves to fire him. Meanwhile, Jimmy struggles to teach Dylan the family way to not be so neighborly.

Watch Speechless season 1 episode 1 (S01E01)

Watch Now

Maya DiMeo moves her family to a new, upscale school district when she finds the perfect situation for her eldest son, JJ, who has cerebral palsy.

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