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Last Aired S02E03 on Dec 23, 2015
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Three-part crime thriller. When detective Marcus Farrow looks into a seemingly forgotten case, he has no idea of the chaos and heartache that will soon follow. He is found at the scene of a murder, and with all the evidence pointing towards him, he is arrested and charged.

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Show Keywords: on the run

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Prey Episodes

  1. 3 Watch Prey S02E03 online - Episode 3
    Available Aired on Dec 23, 2015
  2. 2
    Available Aired on Dec 16, 2015
  3. 1
    Available Aired on Dec 09, 2015
  1. 3
    Not Available Aired on May 13, 2014
  2. 2
    Not Available Aired on May 06, 2014
  3. 1
    Not Available Aired on Apr 29, 2014

Watch Prey season 2 episode 3 (S02E03)

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Reinhardt is determined to find out the truth about who is behind Lucy’s abduction, but Murdoch fears he’ll never see her again.

Watch Prey season 2 episode 2 (S02E02)

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With no idea of where his daughter is, Murdoch refuses to give himself up. He and Jules search for Jules’ brother Daniel, who they think holds the answers, while staying one step ahead of Reinhardt.

Watch Prey season 2 episode 1 (S02E01)

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Murdoch is forced to go on the run when his daughter is kidnapped.

Watch Prey season 1 episode 3 (S01E03)

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DI Reinhardt closes in on her prey, the burden of the investigation becomes too much for Devlin - and Farrow finally gets some answers.

Watch Prey season 1 episode 2 (S01E02)

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The extensive hunt for Farrow gains momentum when Reinhardt receives a tip-off about his whereabouts - but he manages to escape again.

Watch Prey season 1 episode 1 (S01E01)

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When detective Marcus Farrow is charged with murder, he has no choice but to escape and clear his name. But how long will it be before he is caught?

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