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Crooked House is a supernatural drama mini-series which aired on BBC Four in December 2008. The three-part series was broadcast on consecutive nights from 22 to 24 December 2008. It was written and co-produced by actor and writer Mark Gatiss, who found fame in the BBC series The League of Gentlemen. The three linked episodes form an anthology story, influenced by the writings of M. R. James and Amicus horror movies, and a Māori death-mask belonging to Gatiss. They concern the ghostly secrets of fictional Geap Manor, a recently demolished Tudor mansion. The first story, "The Wainscoting", is set in the late 18th century. Gatiss plays a museum curator who is given a strange door-knocker, which inspires him to share his dark researches into the Manor. The first tale related the story of Joseph Bloxham, who buys and improves the Manor after capitalising on an investment which ruined his fellow speculators. Strange noises are heard behind the newly installed wainscoting, the wood of which came from the gallows known as 'Tyburn Tree'. The second story, "Something Old", takes place in the 1920s, where, at the Manor, a lavish costume ball is being held. During the ball young Felix de Momery announces his engagement to Ruth, much to the surprise and annoyance of his grandmother and his friends, Billy and Katherine. The young couple's future seems to be inextricably linked with another tragic wedding day and a ghostly bride who haunts the corridors.

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Watch Crooked House season 1 episode 4 (S01E04)

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Ben Morris, a young teacher, finds an antique door-knocker in his garden and takes it to the local museum, where the curator tells him it belonged to Geap Manor, a Tudor mansion, now demolished, and whose original owner, Sir Roger Widdowson, was accused of Satanism in order to produce an heir, but still died childless. In 1786 the manor is bought by Joseph Bloxham, a greedy parvenu who has made his money at the expense of others and is accused by the widow of his late business partner of causing her husband's death. Bloxham believes that the noises he hears in the wainscoting of the rooms is made by mice and ignores his colleagues' warnings that he could be in danger. In fact the wainscoting is made from the same wood as the gallows at Tyburn, where criminals were hung, and Bloxham's actions have marked him as a criminal who must pay for his sins. In 1927 Lady Constance de Momery attends the engagement party at Geap Manor of her grand-son Felix to his lower-born fiancee Ruth. Felix's former sweetheart, Katherine, is also present and Ruth believes she is the girl in a bridal gown whom she sees kissing Felix. However it is the ghost of a bride from fifty years earlier who committed suicide after being betrayed by her groom and his lover and who laid a curse on all future weddings at the house, a curse only Lady Constance can remove. Having heard both stories Ben offers to donate the knocker to the museum but when the curator declines he screws it to his own front door. As a result he wakes in the night and witnesses Widdowson's rites and realizes that his house is built on Geap Manor. He gets rid of the knocker and returns to the museum to find that it has been closed for some weeks and that noone has heard of the curator. Then, the knocker mysteriously re-appears, placing Ben and his pregnant girl-friend at the mercy of the ghost of the childless Widdowson.

Watch Crooked House season 1 episode 3 (S01E03)

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Back in the present day, commitment-shy Ben begins to discover that, though demolished, Geap Manor casts a long shadow. Having recently left his girlfriend Hannah for a life of excitement over cosy domesticity, he is excited by the curator's stories and screws the ancient door knocker to his new front door. However, he soon finds himself getting more excitement than he bargained for as the past begins to intrude rudely with a loud knock at the door in the night and a terrifying journey into Geap Manor's bloody past.

Watch Crooked House season 1 episode 2 (S01E02)

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In the 1920s, Lady Constance de Momery presides over a costume ball for her grandson, but all is not as it seems and when young heir to the estate Felix de Momery announces his engagement to sweetheart Ruth, his friends Billy and Katherine seem far from pleased.

Watch Crooked House season 1 episode 1 (S01E01)

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It's 1786, and Joseph Bloxham is a self-made man and something of a star in fashionable coffee-house society. Some, though, like the sceptical Noakes take a dim view of his shady business ethics. Bloxham has used his ill-gotten gains to buy the old Geap Manor, paying no heed to the warnings of Noakes and his friend Duncalfe, but when Bloxham starts to hear ghastly sounds in the newly-installed panelling of his drawing room it seems he might have more than just a mouse hiding in his wainscoting.

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