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Boss is an American political drama television serial created by Farhad Safinia. The series stars Kelsey Grammer as Tom Kane, the mayor of Chicago, who has recently been diagnosed with dementia with Lewy bodies, a degenerative neurological disorder.

Show Keywords: chicago, mayor, dementia, politics

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    9 of 10 Ep. Available 2012
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Boss Episodes

  1. 10 Watch Boss S02E10 online - True Enough
    Available Aired on Oct 19, 2012
  2. 9
    Available Aired on Oct 12, 2012
  3. 8
    Available Aired on Oct 05, 2012
  4. 7
    Available Aired on Sep 28, 2012
  5. 6
    Not Available Aired on Sep 21, 2012
  6. 5
    Available Aired on Sep 14, 2012
  7. 4
    Available Aired on Sep 07, 2012
  8. 3
    Available Aired on Aug 31, 2012
  9. 2
    Available Aired on Aug 24, 2012
  10. 1
    Available Aired on Aug 17, 2012
  1. 8
    Available Aired on Dec 09, 2011
  2. 7
    Available Aired on Dec 02, 2011
  3. 6
    Available Aired on Nov 25, 2011
  4. 5
    Available Aired on Nov 18, 2011
  5. 4
    Available Aired on Nov 11, 2011
  6. 3
    Available Aired on Nov 04, 2011
  7. 2
    Available Aired on Oct 28, 2011
  8. 1
    Available Aired on Oct 21, 2011

Watch Boss season 2 episode 10 (S02E10)

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Miller publishes a story that could destroy Kane, but Kane's biggest threat is Kitty's alliance with Doyle. As Meredith forms a new relationship, Kane goes to the greatest lengths yet to stay on top.

Watch Boss season 2 episode 9 (S02E09)

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Chicago's bankruptcy crisis means a loss of power for Kane as emergency measures are put in place, but threats by his enemies to expose him could be of even greater concern.

Watch Boss season 2 episode 8 (S02E08)

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In order to keep his grip on Chicago, Kane finds he has no choice but to work with Alderman Ross.

Watch Boss season 2 episode 7 (S02E07)

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Kane's alternative treatment seems to have worked and he is back in control of his city. Now he must remedy his public perception, even if it means making an old friend collateral damage.

Watch Boss season 2 episode 6 (S02E06)

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Kane's moves with the housing project escalate tensions from unrest to rioting and looting. As Chicago burns, Kane secretly seeks treatment at an alternative clinic, where his past haunts him.

Watch Boss season 2 episode 5 (S02E05)

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Kane's corruption sweep threatens his political hold over the City Council. His mental symptoms begin to spiral out of control - Kane can no longer tell what is a hallucination and what is reality.

Watch Boss season 2 episode 4 (S02E04)

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Kane attempts to clean house and deep-sixes longtime political cronies, while at home, Meredith and Emma want no part of a family reunion with him.

Watch Boss season 2 episode 3 (S02E03)

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Kane's increasing infatuation with his new aide Mona leads him to get swept up in her enthusiasm for a housing-redevelopment project.

Watch Boss season 2 episode 2 (S02E02)

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Kane uses personal tragedy to further his agenda, poaches his nemesis's aide, Mona, and hires ambitious newcomer Ian - but will they be enough to fill the void that Stone left behind?

Watch Boss season 2 episode 1 (S02E01)

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Tom Kane cements his mayoral legacy with a lavish ceremony celebrating the groundbreaking of the new modernized O'Hare terminals. Now Kane looks to the future, setting his sights on reviving a subsidized housing project. While his political future seems bright, Kane continues to battle for control over his disease.

Watch Boss season 1 episode 8 (S01E08)

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Election Day. The race is close, and while the candidates campaign, Kane and Stone must do their part to turn the gears of the political machine. Emma's world is turned upside-down while Meredith must go to great lengths to prove her allegiance to Kane.

Watch Boss season 1 episode 7 (S01E07)

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Just days away from the election, Kane slowly regains control over City Hall. Though a swift political move will help identify his adversaries, will doing the unthinkable improve his public image in time?

Watch Boss season 1 episode 6 (S01E06)

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Kane takes an unannounced break from City Hall as his political image hits an all-time low. The election looms and he'll need to enlist the help of others to weather this storm. Kitty, at an emotional impasse, makes a bold move while Meredith, increasingly suspect of Kane's behavior, seeks opportunities of her own.

Watch Boss season 1 episode 5 (S01E05)

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After long-buried information resurfaces, Kane and his camp find themselves battling the media for control of public perception. With the primary just around the corner, they'll have to pull out all the stops to contain the situation and keep the upper hand.

Watch Boss season 1 episode 4 (S01E04)

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Kane finds himself starting to lose control, both politically and personally, as his supporters begin to question their confidence in him. Zajac ventures into uncharted territory while campaigning as Miller continues to dig for answers.

Watch Boss season 1 episode 3 (S01E03)

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With Zajac's campaign gathering steam, Kane needs to adjust to his health situation; Miller digs deep to come up with some embarrassing dirt on Gov. Cullen.

Watch Boss season 1 episode 2 (S01E02)

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With a new, powerful entry in the race, Kane and his people flex their political muscles to maintain their hold. Meanwhile, a worried Meredith suspects her husband is keeping something from her.

Watch Boss season 1 episode 1 (S01E01)

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After being diagnosed with a degenerative neurological disorder, Chicago Mayor Tom Kane must set aside his personal issues as he attempts to run the city with an iron fist, while also dealing with the upcoming gubernatorial primary.

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