Last Aired S03E10 on Aug 22, 2016
Season 3
7.4 (13 Ratings)
Jun 20, 2016
44 Min

In the third season, the fragmented squad is reeling from the revelation that Sergeant Julien Houle was a pedophile and a mole for organized crime. As Commander Gendron scrambles to save his own career, the patrollers strengthen their bond to help them through this shocking news. Meanwhile, Nick, still rocked by guilt over his involvement in a murder, seeks closure by trying to find out what happened to his missing cousin Kaz. Ben finds love and happiness with Nick’s sister, Amelie, but struggles with the family he thought he’d left behind.

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  1. 10 Watch 19-2 S03E10 online - Water
    Available Aired on Aug 22, 2016
  2. 9
    Available Aired on Aug 15, 2016
  3. 8
    Available Aired on Aug 08, 2016
  4. 7
    Available Aired on Aug 01, 2016
  5. 6
    Available Aired on Jul 25, 2016
  6. 5
    Available Aired on Jul 18, 2016
  7. 4
    Available Aired on Jul 11, 2016
  8. 3
    Available Aired on Jul 04, 2016
  9. 2
    Available Aired on Jun 27, 2016
  10. 1
    Available Aired on Jun 20, 2016

Watch 19-2 season 3 episode 10 (S03E10)

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Nick and Ben discover the truth behind Amelia's death.

Watch 19-2 season 3 episode 9 (S03E09)

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Nick and Ben deal with the aftermath of a tragedy. Nick's lies threaten to drive them apart.

Watch 19-2 season 3 episode 8 (S03E08)

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Nick and Ben will be forever changed by a tragedy caused by a misunderstanding.

Watch 19-2 season 3 episode 7 (S03E07)

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The squad returns to normal duty. Nick keep secrets as he pursues his cousin's killer.

Watch 19-2 season 3 episode 6 (S03E06)

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Ben returns home to Morin Heights when his father goes missing. Nick and Martine make a deal.

Watch 19-2 season 3 episode 5 (S03E05)

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The city cuts public sector pensions, pitting the squad against their own.

Watch 19-2 season 3 episode 4 (S03E04)

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A wannabe mobster has a tempting proposition for Nick.

Watch 19-2 season 3 episode 3 (S03E03)

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When he tries to help Nick with his investigation, Ben gets in trouble with homicide.

Watch 19-2 season 3 episode 2 (S03E02)

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Nick investigates his cousin's death and finds a possible witness.

Watch 19-2 season 3 episode 1 (S03E01)

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The squad waits for findings from a task force into Sergeant Houle’s case. Nick and Ben find themselves at the centre of the fractured squad, the only partnership that has endured. On the job, the squad face a horrific accident that puts multiple lives in danger.

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